Biancaneve Challenge

Biancaneve Challenge 2017 has ended, but you can still enjoy the eight weeks worth of workout videos by Jane (personal trainer Janette Karvonen) who showed us many easy and quick workouts that you can easily do at home or outside.

Start the week in the best mood ever by taking time for yourself

Week one: Booty Workout

Train with Jane Booty Workout:

  1. Bulgarian Split Squad, 10 to 15 repeats per leg
  2. Glute Bridges, 15 to 20 repeats
  3. One Leg Squat, 15 to 20 repeats per leg
  4. Standing Glute Kickback, 20 repeats per leg

Week two: Core Workout

Train with Jane Core Workout:

  1. Abdominal Crunch legs down or legs up, 20 repeats
  2. Abdominal Twist legs down or legs up, 20 twists (visiting both sides)
  3. Lying Down Leg Raise, 10 to 15 repeats
  4. Side Planking, maximum time per side
  5. Planking, maximum time

Do 4-5 sets!

Week three: Stair Workout

Train with Jane Stair Workout:

  1. Run up stepping on every stair, come down by jogging
  2. Go up by doing lunges, come down by jogging
  3. Go up by jumping squats, come down by jogging
  4. Run up stepping on every stair, come down by jogging

Repeat this routine for 30-40 minutes and don't forget a good warm up before training!

Week four: Upper Body & Back Workout

Train with Jane Upper Body & Back Workout:

  1. One-Arm Dumbbell Row, 12-15 repeats
  2. Cable Seated Row with Rubber Band, 12-15 repeats
  3. Hand-Leg Extension, 20 repeats
  4. "Star" Extension, 15 repeats
  5. Pushup, maximum repeats, either lighter or heavier version

Do 4-5 sets!

Week five: Curvy Legs Workout

Train with Jane Curvy Legs Workout:

  1. Squat, 15-20 repeats
  2. Walking Lunge, 30-50 repeats
  3. Straight Leg Deadlift, 15 repeats per leg
  4. Lunge Backwards, 15 repeats

Do 4-5 sets!

Week six: Arms & Shoulders Workout

Train with Jane Arms & Shoulders Workout:

  1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press, 12-15 repeats
  2. Front Dumbbell Raise, 12-15 repeats
  3. Upright Barbell Row, 12-15 repeats
  4. Dumbbell Biceps Curl, 12-15 repeats
  5. Bench Dip, maximum repeats

Do 4-6 sets!

Week seven: HIIT Workout

Train with Jane HIIT Workout:

  1. Lunge jump, max repeats
  2. Squat, 15 repeats
  3. Step on bench, 12 repeats / leg
  4. Glute bridge, 15 repeats
  5. Glute kickback on knees, 15 repeats / leg

Take 1-2 min brake and repeat. Do 4-6 sets in total!


Train with Jane MINDFULNESS:

  1. Wake your body up with stretching and breathing
  2. Prepare your body for coming day with pilates
  3. Calm yourself down by breathing and thinking about positive things in your life
  4. Look at yourself in the mirror and say beautiful things to yourself, you deserve it!

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