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We cannot certifiably show that this shirt does not make you stronger, so watch out! Even the largest of biceps will fit snugly inside this long sleeved B Strong shirt.

Don“t worry if your training season is just getting started. This shirt will comply with your changing shape and size. Even changes in hairstyle cause no issues, since the boat neckline will accommodate any hair do.


Soft, light, compact and ultraflat, Jersey Lomellina Wonder has been designed to combine lightness and breathability, muscular support and freedom of movement. Thanks to its hight stretch it can shape the silhouette without constraining it, improving microcirculation and muscles oxygentaion both during physical activity and when at rest. Totally mat even in the lightest shades, Wonderperfectly fits the body without constraining it, as snug as a second skin.

Highly UVA ad UVB protective (UPF 50+), fast drying thanks to its being so thin, and certified by Xtra Life LYCRA® this fabric is also highly chlorine resistant. Furthermore, having been awarded the prestigeous LYCRA® Beauty certificate, Wonder has officially joined the brand new platform by Invista dedicated to Shapewear: an actual innovation for such a fabric that not is not only high quality but also stylish, comfortable and can boast extraordianry support for an efficient shaping effect.

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