Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
Esbelt Waist Trainer, Grey
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Grey corset ideal for sports and fitness training. Shapewear that reduces waist line, lifts the breasts and assists in weight loss. Made with unique technology that fuses high quality cotton with natural rubber into a light one-piece compressive fabric. Comes with double hook and eye fasteners and flexible boning.

No, we aren’t suggesting a new diet fad, the latest weight loss pill or a magic portion. We have found an answer to get a great figure in seconds, in a healthy way.

The answer is Esbelt. Esbelt offers superior shaping results and long term benefits to help shape not only your curves, but your confidence.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the intimate nature and hygienic standards of this item we cannot accept returns.

Waist Min
Waist Max
Loose width
XS 54 cm 60 cm 50 cm
S 61 cm 69 cm 57 cm
M 70 cm 78 cm 66 cm
L 79 cm 89 cm 73 cm
XL 90 cm 100 cm 80 cm


• Unique technology that fuses a thin layer of moisture-absorbing cotton with 100% natural rubber, into a light, one-piece compressive fabric.
• Double hook and eye fasteners front closures sewn-in, flexible boning prevents garment from rolling up, even when the going gets tough.
• Discrete under clothing.

All shape wear creates a smooth line around the outer curves of the body but because an Esbelt is so much stronger, and doesn’t roll up or down, it averages out the inner and outer curves creating a much more defined slimmed down –shape. It visibly reduces the waistline, creating the famous Brazilian curves.
The compression-element of both the male and female garments gives support to the lower back muscles and many people find this reduces back pain. “Computer back” is a common problem caused by, for example, sitting at a desk or generally not sitting or standing up straight. Esbelt corset helps greatly in this regard. However, Esbelt is not a medical product, thus people with back problems are always recommended to seek professional advice.
Because the garments don’t role up or down and they are positioned immediately under the bust, the effect of wearing an Esbelt tends to lift the bust in practice and appearance.
Because Esbelt should be reasonably tight fitting, they create a micro-massage -effect as the body moves. This helps weight loss.
Because the Esbelt corsets encourages a better standing and sitting posture, this adds to the improvement in appearance and reduces general stress on the muscles.
In a similar way to the back support, the stomach muscles are also supported which is particularly relevant after giving birth. Esbelt should not be used to replace the natural use of muscles but as a support they are excellent.

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