B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
B Lean leggings, Red
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Varies by model

Long red leggings with a special cut that makes your bum look great.

Biancaneve's signature cut and the slightly smocked central back seam highlights the roundness of your behind. The curved side seam design compliments your thighs and calves. The wide, flexible waistband guarantees a snug fit and can be folded if necessary.

Sparkling Biancaneve B-logo made of genuine Swarovski® crystals on the back left.

Designed and made in Finland.

Size Chart

Size Bust circle Waist circle Hip circle Inner thigh length
XXS 72 - 82 cm 55 - 68 cm 73 - 84 cm 73 cm
XS 82 - 90 cm 68 - 72 cm 84 - 90 cm 74 cm
S 90 - 97 cm 72 - 76 cm 90 - 98 cm 75 cm
M 97 - 102 cm 76 - 86 cm 98 - 109 cm 76 - 77 cm
L 102 - 112 cm 86 - 91 cm 109 -120 cm 78 - 79 cm
XL 112 - 122 cm 91 - 96 cm 120 - 122 cm 80 - 81 cm
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Jersey Lomellina Wonder

Soft, light, compact and ultraflat, Jersey Lomellina Wonder has been designed to combine lightness and breathability, muscular support and freedom of movement.

Thanks to its hight stretch it can shape the silhouette without constraining it, improving microcirculation and muscles oxygentaion both during physical activity and when at rest. Totally mat even in the lightest shades, Wonder perfectly fits the body without constraining it, as snug as a second skin.

Highly UVA ad UVB protective (UPF 50+), fast drying thanks to its being so thin, and certified by Xtra Life LYCRA® this fabric is also highly chlorine resistant. Furthermore, having been awarded the prestigeous LYCRA® Beauty certificate, Wonder has officially joined the brand new platform by Invista dedicated to Shapewear: an actual innovation for such a fabric that not is not only high quality but also stylish, comfortable and can boast extraordianry support for an efficient shaping effect.

Properties of Wonder

Moisture management
Transfers perspiration away from the skin.

Absorbs sweat and allows its natural evaporation.

Ultrachlorine resistant
Is considerably resistant to attack by active chlorine.

UV protection
High protection from UV rays (UPF 50+).

Pilling resistant
Always smooth and pleasant to the touch. Resists to abrasions and pilling.

Muscle control
Assures right muscle compression during physical activity, slashing lactic acid formation.

Perfect fit
Moulds to the body without being constricting, allowing the freedom of movement.

Two-way stretch
Stretches on both directions.


The secret of this fabric is well illustrated by its name Wonder, a technological miracle made into fabric: one of the most cutting-edge textile products currently on the market it boasts excellent shaping power and it is highly resistant to chlorine, sun creams and oil. A successful mix of style and performance, which boosts microcirculation and promotes the right muscle oxygenation, both during sport activity and when at rest. » See full description

80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane @ 170 g/m²

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